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Noosa Library Service offers members and visitors to the Noosa Shire access to computers, software,
and the Internet. The Library is a public place and users of computers and wireless internet service
are asked to be considerate of others. In addition, users of Library PCs, Library Internet and Library
WiFi are expected to abide by the following Terms and Conditions. Use of the Library PCs, Library
Internet and Library WiFi implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Use of Library PCs, Library Internet and Library WiFi
1. Users agree to comply with all copyright laws (displayed at printing station) and any
applicable Federal and State legislation.
2. The Noosa Library Service is not responsible for any loss or damage occurring from the use
of this resource, including accuracy or content of web sites, technical difficulties, service
interruptions or the transmission of computer viruses.
3. Noosa Library Service runs software to protect the PCs from viruses and setting changes.
4. Users must not attempt to make changes to the setup or configuration of the computers.
This includes the loading of software applications including games.
5. The intentional downloading and/or viewing of material on the internet that contains
content considered to be offensive is expressly prohibited.
6. The Library reserves the right to limit download amounts, and may restrict access to certain
sites, including but not limited to, content streaming sites, to ensure equitable access to all

Inappropriate use of the Library PCs, Library Internet or Library WiFi
Inappropriate use of Library PCs, Library Internet or Library WiFi may result in the user having
computer, internet or wifi access cancelled or suspended. Further action may be taken including the
user being banned from use of the library or appropriate law enforcement agencies being contacted
and may lead to prosecution. Inappropriate use includes but is not limited to:
1. Display or downloading of pornographic or offensive material;
2. Modification of library hardware, settings, or software;
3. Illegal, criminal or anti‐social (intimidation, harassment, bullying) internet use;
4. Damage to or theft of library resources;
5. Refusal to vacate an internet PC when has a booking has expired and access is required by
another user.

General Conditions
1. Library PCs, Library Internet and Library WiFi is available at all branches during opening
2. Users can either be current members or visitors to Noosa Library Service.
3. Access to and use of Library PCs, Library Internet and Library WiFi is free of charge.
4. Printing is available via Library PCs only on paper supplied by the library. There is no access
to printing services via the wireless network.
Noosa Library Service Internet Use Policy
5. There are charges for printing.
6. Bookings can be made up to 7 days in advance, for a maximum of 1 hour per day. Users
must abide by the time limit of the booking.
7. Bookings are automatically cancelled if the user has failed to arrive 10 minutes after the
scheduled starting time. The time is defined by the computer clock.
8. Prior to the end of the allotted time it is the user’s responsibility to ensure all documents are
saved appropriately. At the end of the session the computer will log out and all data not
saved on a portable storage device will be lost.
9. Users are required to log off the computer at the end of the session to ensure that private
information is not viewed by others.
10. All library computers shut down automatically 10 minutes before the library closes.
11. If using sites with sound, patrons are requested to use headphones to ensure minimal
disruption to other patrons.
12. Please report any technical issues to Library Staff.
Parental permission and supervision
Supervision of internet use or restriction of access for library users under the age of 16 years is the
responsibility of the parent/legal guardian.

Council means Noosa Shire Council.
Library means a library belonging to, or under the control or management of Council and includes
the buildings, rooms, offices, passageways, foyers, meeting rooms and adjacent entrances.
User means any person, whether or not a member, who visits a library for the purpose of using any
library resources and/or facilities.
Member means any user who has a current membership card.
Authorised Staff Member means any person officially employed by Counc