Your feedback is important, and we ask that you complete the information below to help us assess your request. Please consider that while library users have the right to make decisions for themselves and their own children, this right does not extend to other library users.

Library and information staff are responsible for developing and maintaining library collections. Selection and availability of items in a collection is made by library staff with professional expertise and experience. Materials will not be rejected on moral, political, racial, or religious grounds if they otherwise meet selection criteria. A perception that material may offend or cause controversy to a person or a group of people is not, of itself, a reason to limit purchase or provision of an item containing that material.

Your request will be considered, and any decision will be communicated to you within 14 days.

As a result of an initial assessment, a resource may, or may not, be temporarily removed from Noosa Libraries catalogue or website/s until a final resolution is agreed upon. Physical material may, or may not, also be temporarily removed from the shelves.

The following possible outcomes may result as a resolution of a request for reconsideration or takedown of library materials:
• Access to the material is restored on the library catalogue or website, and the physical item is available on library shelves
• Access to the material is restored with changes in response to the takedown request via the library catalogue and website
• Access to the material is modified (e.g., access restricted to particular groups or borrower categories)
• Material removed from the collection.

There will be regular reviews of takedown decisions. Where the circumstances of the original takedown request have changed over time, it may result in access to the material being restored.

Takedown requests may be assessed according to relevant criteria as follows:
• online access to the material is in breach of copyright law
• online access to the material contravenes conditions imposed by the donor
• the material is defamatory, offensive or objectionable under Australian law
• the material is a breach of privacy legislation or includes personal information about someone who is still alive and continued online access to it would cause serious invasion of privacy or harm
• online access to the material is in breach of protocols maintaining the right of Indigenous peoples to determine access provisions for heritage materials which reflect their history, culture, language and perspectives
• removal of the work would undermine freedom of speech
• there is a need to mitigate harm and legal liability
• the material is subject to a suppression order or other legal restriction relating to availability
• the material is ‘commercial in confidence’ or includes protected government data
• the material breaches specific jurisdictional legislation and related exemptions.

The information you provide will be assessed by the Collections Librarian in accordance with the Collection Development Policy and the ALIA Free Access to Information Statement. Following the assessment, should you wish, you will be contacted with the outcome.

A note on parental responsibilities
Please note, parents/guardians are legally and morally responsible for items borrowed and accessed by children.

Noosa Libraries Application to Review Library Item

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