We offer a range of quality sites for self paced study of a wide range of topics.

These sites are an excellent way to learn new skills from the comfort of your own device!

Our Online Resources page also has links to a wide range of information.

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GoDigi Online sites to help you learn about computers, language and more. 
Learn about the internet and the wide range of things that can be done online and find face-to-face learning opportunities near you!

Lynda.com Log in with your Noosa library card and PIN. 
Learn the latest in software, business and creative online skills through Lynda.com. More than 3000 courses with 130,000 video tutorials taught by experts in their field with new courses available regularly. Topics include software, web design, photography, business and career skills, social media and job search tools. 

Mousing Around For those have never used, or are unsure of how to use, a computer mouse. In this tutorial, you will learn how to hold a mouse, the basics of moving, clicking, double-clicking and dragging. The tutorial  also includes further exercises and games to refine your skills once you’ve mastered the basics.

Niche Academy E-resource tutorials on RBDigital, Kanopy, BorrowBox, Transparent Language Online, Ancestry (Library edition) as well as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and more.

Technology Explained ABC technology and games. The ABC’s online guide to all the latest technology

Transparent Language Online Transparent Language Online is a powerful and personalised language-learning system.
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