Digitisation Stations

Digitise your memories using the Noosa Library Service Digisitation Stations in the Makerspaces at Noosaville and Cooroy library branches.

What formats can be converted?

The following types of media can be digitised:

  • photographic prints (up to A4)
  • slides
  • film negatives (most sizes up to A4)
  • documents (up to A4)

The digitisation stations are currently unable to digitise Beta/Betamax video tapes, Super 8mm and 16mm film, camcorder tapes (including MiniDV, Hi8 and others), vinyl records, audio cassettes, digital video discs (DVD) and compact discs (CD).

Is there a cost to use the equipment?

There is no cost to use the equipment. You will need to be a Makerspace member – $20 one time fee. You will also need a USB stick or portable hard drive to save your digital files.

What skills do I need to use the equipment?

You need intermediate computer skills operating a Windows computer. If you are not confident using computers, we recommend bringing someone to help you.

We also recommend attending a digitisation workshop prior to starting your project. There are step-by-step instructions at the Digitisation Stations to help you use the equipment.  Library staff can only provide limited assistance and are unable to do the digitising for you.

Do you offer training?

We offer digitisation workshops periodically – check our What’s On page for session details.

You will also need to attend a Makerspace Induction prior to becoming a Makerspace member and accessing the equipment.  Check our What’s On page for session details.

Do I need a booking to use the digitisation stations?

Generally no, however it is possible by visiting the link below. Please be aware that the booking does not block another person from using the equipment.

Bookings are possible here