Looking for parenting support or resources relating to childhood development? Explore the range we have curated below.

First 5 Forever

“Talk, play sing, read, to give growing brains what they need.”  In the first years of life, your child’s brain grows at its fastest. Find tips, book lists, videos and sign up to receive email updates tailored to your child’s age.

Deadly Tots  

Deadly Tots provides info on children’s social, emotional and intellectual development to families and communities of Aboriginal children 0-5yrs. Available via their website, Facebook page or download the app here

The Fathering Project

The Fathering Project provides resources and advice to Australian fathers and father-figures, including activities to do with kids, tips for raising teenagers and information on self-care. Access through the the website or via YouTube.

Parent TV

Parent TV contains 75 free videos that provide reliable advice on a range of topics to support parenting and the care of children.  Hear from Australian and world leading parenting and educational experts.

Rainbow Families Queensland

Rainbow families QLD provides a range of resources for LGBTQI+ parents and parents-to-be on health, education and services to support rainbow families.

Dreamstime M 213458847

Raising Children Network 

The Raising Children Network is supported by the Department of Social Services and offers free parenting advice in the form of videos, apps and information online. Information is available for grown-ups, parenting from pregnancy to teens, autistic children and children with a disability.


SingleMum.com.au provides a range of resources for single mums and solo parents including support groups, articles and information on parenting, saving money and travel advice.

Triple P – Positive Parenting Program

A free parenting program for Queenslanders with programs for parents of young children, teens and a new program for parents of anxious children. Courses are available online or locally through in-person providers.