By using the Makerspace all users agree to abide by this policy and follow the direction of staff at all times.

  1. Be courteous and respectful of others: Be nice, support each other, share skills and expertise.  If you see someone struggling, give them a hand. The culture of this space is to connect with others and learn together.  Such is the maker philosophy.
  2. Respect the space: This space thrives on the culture you as a user generate and support; central to this is respect for space, tools, equipment, materials and users. Getting messy is fine and even expected in making, but you must be aware of the impact to others and clean up afterwards. Please leave things as you would hope to find them. Equipment must remain in the space and after use, be returned to their original location in a clean state for the next user.
  3. Food and drink are allowed in the makerspace but is not to be consumed near any of the technology.
  4. Tools and equipment are available via a booking system to ensure fair access and use of the resources. Please show staff before taking any personal technology or materials into the room. Powered tools are not allowed into the space without approval.
  5. Storage boxes may be available to store in-progress projects. Users remain responsible for all of their project work left in the space. Please label your storage box.
  6. The library cannot guarantee the intellectual property of your creation. We ask that you respect copyright laws and licensing agreements.
  7. Safety is paramount. To use the equipment independently, users must complete an induction. When using any equipment, makers agree that they are capable of using that item in a safe and appropriate manner. If you see unsafe behaviour or injuries, you must inform staff – this helps us run a safer makerspace.
      • Emergency Evacuation – On hearing an evacuation alarm, users should turn off machines and exit the makerspace through the FIRE EXIT door, and then out the front doors of the library to the evacuation zone located across the road.
      • First Aid – A first aid kit is located in the library as well as an incident form to log incidents.  Users are requested to see library staff for any first aid incidents.
      • III. 3D Printer Use – 3D Printers can reach high temperatures – well over 200 degrees centigrade.  This means they pose some (very small) fire and burns hazard.  Users are to see library staff for any first aid incidents.
      • Virtual Reality Use – HTC VIVE recommends that VR is not suitable for those with a heart-condition, cardiac pacemaker or other implanted medical device, or are pregnant or elderly. Those with pre-existing serious medical conditions are advised to consult a doctor before using the product. May trigger epileptic seizure, seizure, fainting, or severe dizziness. Not suitable for children. Users use the virtual reality at their own risk.
  8. The library may take promotional photos to document the use of the makerspace.  By using the space you agree to be included.
  9. Makerspace users agree not to use resources for illegal activities, advertising or commercial purposes.  Staff may halt, delete, or disallow the creation of a particular item at any time.
  10. For any equipment found lost or damaged, the user may be subject to a charge that includes the cost of replacing the item.
  11. Makerspace users agree to uphold the security of the room and not allow other customers into the space who do not have the correct authority. (i.e. Customers who have not completed an Induction Workshop)

Please Note: Repeated failure to follow safety procedures or the directions of the library staff/ facilitators will lead to temporary suspension of booking privileges.