A feature of Gympie Terrace in the 21st Century is a resin statue of Elvis Presley sporting side burns, a gold jacket, and blue suede shoes.

‘The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ had been a gift to Mick Hamilton, a big fan, from his friend, Bill. Elvis originally adorned the Hamiltons’ verandah as Mick’s wife, Caroline, refused to have it inside the house! But the statue was soon moved to their business on the corner of Gympie Terrace and Weyba Road, Café Terrace, which they bought around 2004.

At first, Elvis was placed on the footpath but had to be moved into the garden at the request of the Council. Each morning Elvis was wheeled outside, then wheeled back in at the end of the evening. Annual birthday celebrations for Elvis were held, with patrons dressing up, feasting on lamb shanks and being swooned by Presley’s golden voice all evening long.

Elvis 1
Elvis 2

Elvis lives at the corner of Gympie Terrace and Weyba Road, 2019

After a number of years, the paintwork needed a touch-up, which was done locally by Bobby Lees. The business has since changed hands several times but Elvis appears to change hands with it. His microphone has disappeared. At one time, he no longer greeted patrons at the front but instead pointed to the direction of the toilets while sporting a cockatoo in replacement of his mic. As of 2019 he was holding a coat hanger advertising t-shirts for the current business.

The statue is not unique and variations can today be bought on the internet. Nonetheless, he is a popular landmark on Gympie Terrace.