Book Clubs Book Clubs

Book Clubs are groups of people who meet regularly to discuss a pre-selected book that all members have read. Book clubs provide:

  • An opportunity to meet new people and share ideas and experiences about books
  • A reason to read, a chance to discover new authors, and encouragement to read books you might not otherwise choose
  • A chance to get in touch with reading people and be active in a local friendly group
  • An opportunity to understand, appreciate and talk about the books you read

Noosa Library Service has over 300 titles for book club members to choose from with eight books per set.

Each book club makes an annual payment of $100 and all the funds go directly into purchasing new titles for the exclusive use of book clubs. Suggestions for new titles can be made at any time of the year by book club members though an item request. Staff also make selections of books that reflect industry trends and are most likely to appeal to book clubs.

Starting a Book Club

Finding Book Club members may seem daunting but don’t worry, book lovers are known to be very friendly. Start by inviting your friends who may then invite their friends and so on. If your close friends aren’t readers you could try work colleagues or use community resources such as your local community board or social media platforms such as Facebook. We recommend no more than eight people per group to ensure each member receives a book. Once you have chosen a name for your club you can decide on a time and location for your meetings.


The Next Steps

  • Come into your local Noosa Library Service branch and get your Book Club membership and a library card.
  • An annual fee of $100 will be invoiced to your club coordinator
  • Reserve a book club title from the library catalogue. Check the status is “available” (reserving an available title will ensure the set is ready for your next meeting) and select your pick up location.
  • Your coordinator will be sent a notification when the set is ready to collect
  • Book club sets have a loan period of six weeks and two sets can be on loan to allow returning and distribution of books at your next meeting. Book Club sets must be returned complete.

Book Selection

If you need a little inspiration click through to our reading ideas for book club reading ideas along with discussion notes and reading guides.

If you would like more information please see our FAQ’s or contact us.