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Artists Helping Children

Quick, fun crafts, drawing tips and creative ideas for recycling household materials.

Encyclopedia Britannica

Cybersmart kids

Learn how to surf the net safely. 

 HomeHoHHQAG and GoMA for kids

Art activities and multimedia games based on past and present exhibitions at the galleries' Children's Art Centre. 

How Stuff Works

The coolest stuff to fill young minds, complete with puzzles, games, quizzes, videos and more .

I Spy

Puzzles and brain teasing games .

 Pitara Kids Network

Stories, poems, magazines, games of skill, proverbs, and much more to discover.Puzzle Maker

Create your own word search and crossword puzzles.

Splash from ABC

Find out what the ABC has available for kids.

That's not cool Whether you text, instant message or belong to a bunch of social networking sites, good and bad stuff can happen. Have a look at this site to see what's not cool to do or have done to you.