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Library launches book telling stories of Noosa's World War I Memorials

Library launches book telling stories of Noosa’s World War I Memorials

Noosa Library Service is launching its new book Noosa Remembers: a history of the World War I memorials of Noosa Shire.  

The book documents the history of Noosa’s World War I memorials and pays tribute to the Noosa community’s efforts to fundraise and erect these cenotaphs, halls and other memorials. It also looks at the roles the memorials have played in our community.

Noosa Mayor Tony Wellington says,“This wonderful book tells an important story of how a community paid tribute to sacrifice and honour. It’s also a salient reminder of how such physical structures continue to resonate in the daily lives of Noosa Shire residents."

"Creating memorials to the locals who served in World War I was very important to the community in the aftermath of the war," says Noosa Library Service Heritage Librarian Jane Harding, "and many of these memorials remain an enduring legacy in our towns."

Many of the memorials feature the names of local men who served.  Notably the Shire of Noosa Roll of Honor includes 344 names.

“The descendants of many of these men reside in our communities today.  We are particularly interested in hearing from these people and welcoming them to the book launch,” says Ms. Harding. 

Noosa Remembers will be launched at a public event at the Pomona Rotunda, Joe Bazzo Park, Pomona at 10:30am on 8 September 2017.  This date marks the 100-year anniversary of the unveiling of the Noosa Shire Roll of Honor.  

All attendees will receive a free copy of the book.  Copies of the book will also be available for free from Noosa Library Service branches and will be distributed to local schools and organizations.

The project has been funded through the Noosa Council Heritage Levy and a $20,000 Spirit of Service grant from the Queensland Anzac Centenary Grants Program and is proudly supported by the Queensland Government.

For more information contact Noosa Library Service on (07) 5329-6555 or book online here