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Camouflage in focus at Noosa Regional Gallery this March

Camouflage takes the spotlight at Noosa Regional Gallery in March with the opening of artist Julian Thompson’s Invisible Soldiers and Shrouded Machines exhibition.

Thompson, a Radiographer with the Australian Defence Force, found artistic inspiration in his work with the military.

"The Army offers up a lot of compelling visual imagery, and this totally changed my artistic focus,” says Thompson.

"I am very much interested in the symbolism, both of what soldiers do and the history and traditions of the Army itself.

"I'm also interested in the passage of time, and the image of a line of walking soldiers has been a recurring theme in my work."

The Brisbane artist’s paintings acknowledge camouflage as a concealer of both soldiers and their vehicles.

“It is a rare privilege to see a body of paintings developed from first-hand experience of being in a military environment,” says Noosa Regional Gallery Director, Michael Brennan.

“For these works to also be so conceptually strong and reflective of the paradox of this experience brings an additional element of intrigue and complexity to the exhibition.”

Invisible Soldiers and Shrouded Machines opens Saturday, March 24, at 2pm.

“We invite the community to come and meet Julian Thompson, at 1pm, before the official opening, for a walk and talk through his exhibition,” Mr Brennan says.

The exhibition runs until May 6, 2018.

Entry to the Gallery is free.