Upcoming Changes to the Service

Our current vehicle is nearing the end of its life after 15 years. Council has endorsed a replacement model, which will enable the service to access more locations and reach more customers.

A New Community Outreach Service

The new service will consist of a combination of different library services including:

  • A more versatile vehicle travelling around the shire on a weekly schedule
  • Two library ‘book-vending’ kiosks—located in Pomona and Peregian
  • Bulk library loans to partner organisations
  • A suite of library programs and workshops hosted at community locations throughout the shire
  • And the ability to book us to visit your community event or organisation

The Details

The new Outreach Vehicle

  • Make: Iveco 70C18 4350mm Single Cab
  • Similar size to a motorhome – big enough to walk inside and browse Approximately 7.5m long and 2.4m wide
  • Custom built ‘light rigid’ style
  • Holds over 2500 library items – something for everyone
  • More versatile and able to access more locations
  • Host renewable energy powered options – ie Solar panels
  • Air-conditioned interior with an added outside covered alfresco area
  • Confirmed new vehicle design (below)
Untitled 1

The Library Book-Vending Kiosks

  • User-friendly kiosks providing easy and convenient access to books!
  • Simple self-service loans and returns (using your library card).
  • Holds a range of high quality and popular items that are refreshed on a regular basis.
  • Browse for items via the touchscreen and display carousel.
  • Kiosks will be hosted inside the Pomona Community House and the new Peregian Community House

Library Programs come to you! 

As part of the new model, we will be delivering programs and workshops throughout the shire, such as children’s storytime, or help with technology.

Tech Workshop Outreach Vehicle
Christchurch Mobile


When will the service change?

It is likely that the current vehicle will remain in operation until late 2022 and the replacement service will be implemented in a staged approach. 
  • New Outreach Library Program Launched       July 2021
  • Installation of Kiosks                                         Coming very soon!  Watch this space for an upcoming launch date!
  • New vehicle launched                                       Late 2022 (note the launch of the vehicle has been postponed to later in the year due to                                                                            a delay with the vehicle arriving in Australia)

What will the new vehicle be like?

The vehicle would be a custom ‘light-rigid’ vehicle big enough to walk inside and browse the collection. It will be equipped with renewable energy powered options (ie solar panels), air conditioning and Wi-Fi and will hold over 2500 library items. There will be a covered alfresco area which will provide a welcoming outdoor area – see the details above.

Will the new vehicle continue to come to my Mobile Library stop?

Yes, the service would still visit Boreen Point, Cooran, Kin Kin, Noosa Junction, Peregian Beach, Pomona and Sunrise Beach. As the community needs have changed at Federal there will be an alternate plan for that location to better suits its needs.

Will I still be able to browse items and pick up reservations from the proposed vehicle?

Yes, the proposed vehicle will carry library items to browse and borrow, and reservations that are ready to collect. Staff will be available to help with your selection, and reserve items you may want.

Could I still access free WiFi and use a computer on board?

Yes, WiFi will still be available and a tablet to access the internet and library catalogue will be available for public use. The new service will also allow staff to provide tech help and workshops at scheduled times to help those in need.

Will I still see the Mobile Library Staff in the new service?

Yes the staff are looking forward to being part of the new service, and the new model will allow other staff to deliver workshops and programs as well.

Can I still meet with friends as part of the new service?

Yes, you are welcome and encouraged to meet friends as part of your visit to the outreach library service. The vehicle will be air-conditioned, and the new alfresco area has been added to provide additional room to meet and gather with friends.

What kind of programs could be delivered?

We envisage delivering popular library programs outside of library branches, such as Tech Help and Storytimes. The service will also be available to visit community organisations, clubs, schools and events.

How will the book kiosks work?

Using your library card, the kiosks can be used to borrow and return items.  It is easy to use with a simple touchscreen to guide you through the borrowing and returns process.

What will be available in the kiosks?

It is still to be determined whether there will be items other than books available through the kiosks. This depends on the final type of kiosk selected and the needs of our library customers.

Where will the kiosks be located?

The kiosks will be located at the two busiest outreach stops – Pomona and Peregian Beach. Kiosks will be hosted inside the Pomona Community House and the new Peregian Community House.