Mobile Library Changes Mobile Library Changes




The Mobile Library vehicle appears to be ‘off-the-road’ more often – what is happening?

Our much-loved Mobile Library is getting older (now 12 years old) and starting to experience mechanical issues, which are causing the service to increasingly be off-the-road to undertake repairs. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will continue to alert Mobile Library Users when the truck is unable to visit its scheduled location.

I’ve heard there might be up-coming changes with the current Mobile Library Service – is this correct?

Yes – as the Mobile Library is nearing its end of life, Council is in the early stages of researching a wide variety of options to replace the current vehicle.  These options include replacement with a smaller outreach vehicle, library kiosks/vending machines, home library services, bulk loans of collections, offering services through existing community facilities or a combination of any or all of these options. There will still be a Mobile Library Service operating across the shire, however it is likely to be in a different form to take advantage of newer vehicles and technologies. 

When will these changes occur?

It is likely that the replacement service will be operational in late 2020.  As the project progresses, more information will be provided here for our customers.

Will there continue to be library services at my current mobile library location?

Council is reviewing the current approach to providing library services to areas that don’t have branch libraries.  Outreach library services will continue but are likely to be in a different form than now to take advantage of newer vehicles and technologies. This form will depend on local community needs and priorities, however we are hoping to be able to extend services to more customers.

I completed a Mobile Library User Survey – why was that survey distributed?

Council is undertaking a review of the current Mobile Library service to gain a better understanding of how the service is being used. This process helps us understand what the changing community and customer needs and priorities are and what this means for future outreach service requirements.  Over 200 surveys were completed and the data will help inform the future replacement model for Mobile Library Services.