Fees & Replacement Guidelines Fees & Replacement Guidelines

Membership and the majority of services at Noosa Library Service are FREE.  The following fees and charges apply for some services.

Item Fee

Red Hot Reads

$4.50 for 10 days

Book Clubs

$100 annual fee per book club (regardless of number of members)

Lost Items

Replacement cost, or other options (See below)

Photocopying and Printing

Black & White A4:  20c per page
Black & White A3:  40c per page
Colour A4:  $1.00 per page
Colour A3:  $2.00 per page

Overdue Items

Noosa Library Service currently has no fee for overdue items. Lost items incur a charge (see above)

Lost Library Card

No charge

Interlibrary Loans

May incur a charge up to $16.50


Replacement Guidelines

Replacement copies for lost items are accepted on the following conditions:

For regular print collections:

  • Replacement/s are identical to the lost items – same title and format. Paperbacks are acceptable replacements for lost hard cover titles however regular print is not an acceptable replacement for a large print title; nor are board books an acceptable replacement for picture books etc.
  • Replacement/s are in good condition - not necessarily brand new but unmarked with binding in good condition and generally suitable for adding to the library collection

For music and DVD collections:

  • DVDs need to be format and region compatible (PAL Region 4)
  • DVDs cannot be ex-rental or withdrawn from other library collections
  • Both CD and DVD discs must be unscratched

For large type and audiobooks:

  • Large print titles are generally sourced through specialist suppliers, however if a customer does present a suitable Large Type replacement for a Lost title the criteria for regular print collections should be applied 
  • Under some circumstances (eg Library Editions audiobooks) the library can request a single replacement disc for a title. Please check with staff. If the entire audiobook title is Lost the customer will need to pay for it or replace it in its entirety.