Book Club FAQs Book Club FAQs

What are the benefits of book club membership?

Benefits of book club membership include:

  • Great social interaction at meetings
  • Access to sets of books bought solely for the use of book club members
  • Improved access to support materials such as book club reviews.

Why is there a fee?

The annual fee of $100 per club enables the library service to purchase new book club sets for book club members to enjoy.

Can book club members pay individually?

Book clubs need to make a single payment on behalf of the entire book club. This makes  it easier for both book clubs and the library service to track payments.

What are the fees used for?

Book club fees support the provision of the book club service including the purchase of new titles for the exclusive use of book clubs. The new book club titles are purchased in sets of 8, and do not form part of the collection of library materials accessible by other library members. These book club sets can only be reserved and borrowed by book clubs.

If some members leave our book club during the year, can we seek a refund?

Refunds will not be issued by the library if members leave the book club during the year. Individual book clubs can make their own arrangements within the book club.

If new members join our club during the year, do they have to pay the fee?

Again, no additional payment is required by the library if book club members change.  The individual book club and its members can determine whether the new member pays a fee to the book club.

How are new books selected for purchase for the book club collection?

New titles are selected through a combination of suggestions from book clubs and research by staff.   Book clubs can make a recommendation at any time of the year by contacting the library's book club coordinator.   Staff also read reviews and scan best seller lists to identify books which are likely to appeal to book clubs.

What if a member of a book club does not pay but the rest of the book club does?

Membership of any book club is not determined by the library; that role is considered a responsibility of the book club coordinator.  The book club members decide together what action is taken in this situation.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Simply ask at your local library or contact us.